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Training as an instrument of motivation

The training of people is considered to be more and more important as a motivation and binding factor. Investing in your personnel by offering them training and instruction, is therefore investing in the success of your business. Choosing the right training partner is crucially important, but certainly not easy. Endurance can offer a solution.

Practical training

Endurance offers practical training to help improve the functioning of participants. From kitchen and serving techniques, via commercial and communication skills to management training for leaders. Also how to overcome physical complaints through the prevention of sick-leave through to dealing with aggression. In short Endurance can offer this knowledge, not only for the hospitality branch, but also for the retail, care, education and training sector as well as for (semi) government organisations.

Endurance offers practical training, directed at the needs of the participants, at any location in and outside the Netherlands, and includes a final certificate or diploma.

Endurance markets

Endurance is active, both nationally and internationally, in the following markets:
  • Hospitality; hotels, catering, leisure, marinesports and tourism
  • Retail
  • Care
  • (Semi)government

Our services

  • In-company trainingen
  • vocational education
  • Workshops
  • Consultancy
  • Individual coaching
  • Absence management
  • Business Schools

Complete Package

Endurance can, if desired, provide the complete training needs of an organisation. Furthermore Endurance also includes the underlying financial and administrative organisation of the training in the package.

Working together for a lasting result

Sustainability and synergie. The philosophy of Endurance is based on this. Endurance is a young professional, innovative and adaptable partner for development and training questions concerning employees, managers, and organisations in the branches stated above.

We aim for a close relationship with our contractors. Co-operation, practical orientation and quality are key issues. Our services provide your organisation with the opportunity to invest in personnel with lasting qualities.

More information?

If this site does not satisfy all your questions, or you would like to have a personal appointment with one of our consultants, please do not hesitate to contact us on +31(0)33 450 83 33 or via info@endurance.nl We will be only too pleased to visit you for personal advice.

The Enduring effect

In every organisation, the increase of effectivity and efficiency, is a key issue in the overall business policy, and the success of an organisation depends largely on the success of the people who work in it. Therefore, the correct training of employees becomes increasingly important. For you, as a manager, it is of great importance that this training is profitable. Not only on a temporary basis, but particularly in the long-term.

Endurance is fully aware of this, and therefore we aim at a long-term effect of our training. By providing quality, a good conversion of theory into practice, and drawing up personal training plans for participants, we can achieve this effect. A thorough evaluation contributes to this lasting effect. Afterwards, we also offer coaching and support to implement training results. Therefore, you and the participants will have an optimal and long-lasting profit from your investment.

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